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All India Coordinated Research Project on Fruits


The All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP), a landmark in the history of agricultural research was extended to fruit crops during Fourth Five Year Plan. In this system, both central research institutes and State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) work as a team to find solutions to various problems. Thus it helps to generate new technology through interdisciplinary research and to evaluate the suitability, adoptability and transferability of the technology in different ecological conditions of the country. The project started functioning with the merger of ICAR sponsored schemes. It was suitably strengthened in the subsequent plans to intensify interdisciplinary research work covering wide range of agro-ecological conditions. At present there are 22 centres covering 11 SAUs and 2 ICAR based Institutes (10 centres working on citrus, 11 on banana, 6 each on papaya and Jackfruit and 5 on sapota).

About AICRP on Fruits

To have a holistic approach in fruit crops coordination; the AICRP on Tropical Fruits (TF) at IIHR, Bengaluru and Sub-Tropical Fruits (STF) at CISH, Lucknow have been merged and renamed as AICRP on Fruits with effect from 21st August 2013 with its headquarters at Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru. 


The All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) was extended to tropical fruits during the fourth five year plan (1969-74) on 31st July 1971. It was initially named as All India Coordinated Fruit Improvement Project (AICFIP). The project started to work on citrus, banana, papaya and pineapple as cell-I and on mango, guava and grape as cell-II. Later AICFIP was named as AICRP and Cell-I as AICRP on Tropical and Cell-II as AICRP on Subtropical Fruits.

The Pedong centre of AICRP on Tropical Fruits with Citrus and pineapple as its mandate crops was shifted to Mohanpur with banana and jackfruit as its mandate crops.

During IX plan the evaluations of promising lines of pineapple have been completed hence pineapple was phasedout.  In lieu of this, jackfruit has been included at five centres viz., Jorhat, Kannara, Kovvur, Mohanpur and Periyakulakm.

Currently, AICRP on Fruits has 40 centres (28-SAU based centres, 10-ICAR Institute based centres, 1-CAU based centre and 1-Private).


The broad objectives of the project are:

  • Collection, conservation and evaluation of germplasm for its utilisation as the cultivars or as donor source of desirable traits in hybridisation programme
  • Standardization of production technology viz. rootstock, population density, nutrition, cropping system, weed control and water management under different ecological regions
  • Standardization of crop protection techniques through efficient management of insect pests and diseases

Crops under AICRP

Mango Sapota Papaya Guava Acid Lime








Dr.Prakash Patil

Project Coordinator

AICRP on Fruits

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research,

Hessaraghatta Lake post,

Karnataka, India  560 089  

Tel No: 91-80-28466080, Fax : 91-80-28466291

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