Senthil Kumaran, G.

Senthil Kumaran, G.
Principal Scientist (Farm Machinery & Power)
Section of Agricultural Engineering
Farm Machinery & Power
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The following machinery for horticultural crops have been developed.

1. Machinery for mushroom spawn production

a. Grain cleaner

b. Boiled grain and chalk powder mixer

c. Bag filler

d. Spawn inoculator

2. Paddy straw pasteurizer cum moisture remover

3. Tractor hydraulic operated rising platform for orchards for harvesting, pruning and


4. Harvesters for mango, sapota, lime and guava.

5. Motorised raw mango peeler

6. Motorised raw mango slicer,

7. Motorised raw mango cube cutter

8. Hot water treatment plant

9. Garlic bulb breaker

10. Garlic peeler

Important Publications: 
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